Cal-Family is devoted to protecting the rights of the familes and providing them with a superior, unparalleled legal representation. We established a proven track record for results. 

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Cal-Family is committed to delivering the best result possible and fight to be a partner you can count on. We have in-depth knowledge and experience dealing with a full range of Restraining Orders with an established track record of results. We know success in legal cases comes with diligent preparation and we are committed to representing Southern California residents in all manners of Restraining Orders.

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We try to secure domestic violence restraining orders when you need them the most.

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“Whether your legal issue is a quick matter or a long process, every move along the way can change the game completely. Some attorneys will listen to you, approach your case with a detailed plan in mind,
and then never deviate from that plan. At Cal-Family, we know from experience that a plan at the beginning of the process may not be the best strategy as your situation progresses. We are constantly reviewing your case, calculating the next steps and considering the next best approach.”
-Daniel J. Tripathi Esq.
Managing Attorney

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